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Kangaroo CBD Pain Relief Creams

Formulated to soothe pain of minor aches of muscles and joints associated with backache and arthritis. Certified Organic Hemp Derived CBD Oil that is: - Has no heavy metals or insecticides - 100% Non-psychoactive - No fillers or additives - Non-GMO - Third-party tested and guaranteed for purity, potency and freshness - Made in the USA Potential Benefits: - Menthol anti-inflammatory properties known to help reduce inflammation, pain and other skin ailments - Amino Acids are essential for muscle, bone, and soft tissue building and maintenance - Comfrey contains anti-inflammatory compounds and allantoin which helps to speed up healing by stimulating new cell growth - Suitable for all skin types - Non-greasy formula - Lightweight CBD oil may help with: - Inflammation - Skin dryness - Muscle & joint pain relief - Stress relief

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